Hello, world!

Hi there! I'm Junebug. I'm an animal from outer space. This is Otterpop, a virtual scrapbook of things that are near and dear to my heart. I love to tinker with HTML in my spare time. I'm always learning new things, so I hope to keep my site full of fun projects!

I'm not a very interesting person --- I'm a homebody who spends most of my time playing on the computer and doing schoolwork. However, if you want to learn a little more about the mind behind the madness, you can read my about page!

My "shrines" page is a collection of pages based on a specific theme. Most of them will be about characters or musical theatre shows I like. Keep checking back to see more of these!

I like to draw, create HTML templates, and make graphics and other works of visual fun. These can be found on the creations page

My library is a silly collation of written things, part personal essays, part guides and info on things, and part totally random nonsense. Check it out if that sounds up your alley.

The Linkage page links to other sites and resources I enjoy! Also, any webrings/cliques will be listed there.

The sitemap is a filetree of all the pages on my site. Give that a gander if you get lost or want to see every page on Otterpop at once.